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I’m an Indonesian and serve as an English Teacher of SMAN 2 Cianjur Senior High School situated in West Java Indonesia.

09102009079I have two children, Miracle Matahari- a girl grade six of Elementary school , and Excel Nalendra a boy of  four.

I like gardening, as it gives my eyes time to enjoy the color of living plants. I also like cartoon films. They inspire me a lot in my teaching. Many impossible mission that carried out in cartoon story line helps me to see that facing the students almost like doing impossible thing.



  1. caCan says:

    I think I like so Ms…………

  2. agung kurniawan says:

    miss,, tlong aq buatin recount text dgn gmbarny,, plis miss

  3. Herdiansyah says:

    ass miss . .
    blognya bagus miss untuk pengajaran bahasa inggris..

  4. ullullu says:

    bagus buanget ms ..I like it 🙂

  5. Hisbun says:

    I am really glad knowing your blog. Btw, where did you study metapragmatics?

  6. ujangsolehudin says:

    how are you ms?
    this my blog wordpress. example to e-commerce.

  7. Ristia ariza says:

    Saya ingin menjadi murid ms lewat bbm apakah bisa?

  8. Dasep redi arifin says:

    Hey miss B.how are you?

    Still remember me.? I’m your student at smpn 1 cipanas. You teach me 10 years ago. .

    • badriah says:

      It is a kind of unexplainable happiness for a teacher when her student still remember her. I hope you have a good memories about me.
      glad to meet you here.

  9. zha37 says:

    Ms badriah saya ingin menjadi murid ibu lewat bbm

  10. zha37 says:

    Ms badriah saya ingin menjadi murid ibu lewat bbm. Bisakah saya menjadi murid ibu?

  11. herawati says:

    Assalamualaikum. BU saya herawati guru di SMAN 2 Bengkulu Selatan, mengajar kimia dan saya sangat tertarik dengan metode dialog jurnal. Mohon kirimkan yang ibu tampilkan di Seminar nasional di Bengkulu, rencananya akan di sosialisasikan dengan teman guru yang lain.

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