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Brain, Teacher, and Curriculum

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Our mind is like a black box. It is said so as we do not know what is in there. To understand what our brain do, we ask the help of psychologist. Psychologists do not  recognize the work of our brain easily, so they try to do analogy. For example, Pavlov, he tried to see human brain’s work by making experiment on a dog. From his experiment, people then see that there Stimulus-Response relation. Other expert makes experiment on Chimpanzee. The results of those experts open a little understanding on the work of brain.

Then, expert found out that environment plays a vital role for our brain. They said ‘mind is in society”. Mind is conditioned by the environment.  This implicitly acknowledged that each of us has capacity to be what we want as long as we are put in the right environment. In school’s context this means that every student is good seed, teacher becomes a person who nurture the seed. The good seed will not grow or even die if the teacher does not provide good environment for learning.

A professional teacher should cause the students to experience learning. Since the heart of education is learning. To do so, teacher should apply curriculum because any curriculum is product of accomplished mind. Curriculum is developed by innovator who are small in number. Then it will be adopted by early adopters like people who are in charge in education and later used by early majority such as teacher. As the distance from the innovators to teachers are quite long, sometimes the innovator said “quay” and distortion occurs it becomes “key”. Those words are different in meaning and fatal if it happens in the educational world. Teacher may lead the students to a wrong end as distortion had happened.


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