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The Teacher’s Certification

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By Nida Robi’ah Al Adawiyah

Do you know what is the meaning of teacher? What is the relation between certification and teachers? Well, we know that teacher is someone who work amazingly to help us-students and now they get extra salary. But, I feel very shock to know that certification raises problem.

I found a reliable information that civil servant (other than teachers) feel jealous when the teacher get extra salary because they are certified. In my opinion, teachers must get more salary because teachers’ job is very hard and tiring.

Besides that, I think the salary of teachers after they get certified money it is still not much compare to other civil servant such as policemen, soldier, ABRI. Sometimes teachers get money from selling their books but it is not big money.

Why must other civil servant feel jealous to teachers? It is known everywhere that that teachers are amazing and noble. And we must admit that teachers make me and you and all people become clever.

Well, as young generation we must change our mindset and negative feeling to teachers. We must always honor and respect teachers. And the teachers’ certification or any extra salary they get, they should be supported by us. we must say ‘I LOVE TEACHERS’.



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