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The Advatages and Disadvantages of Being a Teacher

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By Reza Yuliansyah Pratama

There are both advantages and disadvantages of being a teacher.  Some people agree that teaching is a good job for many people. However, some other consider that don not all people want to be a teacher.

The people who support this mentions five reasons. (1) Teacher has many spare time for holiday. If the students get holiday, the teacher will also get it.
(2) Teacher has short  time to work compare to another civil servant. (3) Teaching is happy because the teacher can learn more all the time. (4) Teaching is a noble job in the eye of God and (5) Teacher can meet many children.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of being a teacher. They are: (1) Teacher does not get big salary. (2) Teaching may be more difficult in accordance with the level of education. (3) Teachers face many problem because they  must deal with many kind of students’ character at one time. (4) Teacher should know all students’ character. And (5) Teacher has extra work, that is to complete book report for all students every time the students enter the next grade.

Indeed, teacher is someone who never ask for reward and pay back anything to them. Teacher is someone who we should respect because without them, we are nothing. Being a teacher is  noble, so we should respect them even though the work invite pros and cons.



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