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There are four elements involved in a debate: Chairperson that is the one who leads the debate, Timekeeper the one that signals time time for each speeches, Debater the persons who debates upon the motion, and Adjudicator the one who judge the debate.

The debate is between two teams comprise of 3 speakers. The first team represents the affirmative team or government  and the second one is the negative team or opposition. Both team debate upon a motion. For example: The House Believes that internet freedom brings more harm than good. Each speaker has a role. The first government speaker must define the motion, outline the government case, announces the case division, and presents her or his part of the case. The first opposition speaker deals with the definition if it is a problem, explains the important differences between the two team cases, and either outlines the opposition case, announces the case division, and presents her or his part of the case, or outlines the opposition’s rebuttal case and expand it. The second government defends the government definition and case from the opposition attacks, results the opposition case, and proceeds with her or his part of the government case. The second opposition speaker does much the same as the second government. The third government speaker spends her time attacking the other side. The third opposition do much the same as the the third government speaker.

To start the debate, first both of the team make a toss to determine government or opposition team. They are given 30 minutes to do case building. Then, the chairperson will invite both team to start the debate. The debate is opened by the first government speaker. She must define the motion, share the team line and team split. team line is the main topic of the case, team split is outlining arguments between the 1st and 2nd speaker. After one minutes, the time keeper will knock once to inform POI (point of Information).  The speaker may accept or decline the POI. A good POI is brief around 10 to 15 seconds.



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