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Expresi penting dalam menyampaikan isu yang saling bertentangan

  1. Ekspresi yang menunjukkan ada dua pandangan yang berbeda:

–         There are many conflicting opinions about (the use of X-Rays in a hospital)

–         People have different opinions on the issue of (capital punishment)

–         (Australians) have been debating[B1] [B2]  the possibility of (becoming a republic).           There are arguments for (mendukung) and against (menentang)……

–         Death penalty has been debating the possibility of it positive and negative effects on it.

–         Introducing a ( family planning program/ short work week ) may lead to both positive and negative effects on society.

  1. Menunjukkan pertentangan

However (tetapi), but, although, unfortunately,

On the other hand (di sisi lain); on the contrary;

  1. Ekspresi yang menunjukkan mendukung/setuju/positif/for

–         60% people agree …

–         Some think that death penalty is necessary ….

  1. Untuk menambahkan argument, ekspresi yang dapat digunakan:

–         What is more…

–         In addition to …

–         Further …

–         Not only will …. but will also ….


  1. Ekspresi yang menunjukkan menentang/ tidak setuju/ negative

–         40% of (the patients) disagree …

–         There are others who consider it …

–         Some others think …

  1. Untuk menyimpulkan:

–         To sum up ..

–         In conclusion ..

–         In summary ….

  1. Menyatakan pendapat pribadi

–         Personally, I think …

–         In my opinion …

–         I feel …

–         In my point of view ….


Dear Ms. B,

In my opinion speaking in front of the class may come up with two points of view. There are positives and negatives effects of it.

I agree  ……………….



However, I disagree …………………..



I can conclude ……………. .




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  1. emmy says:

    thank you for helping me

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