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In-service training

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The theme to be taken in the in-house training named ‘developing and revise the school-based curriculum’

As usual, many delayed and uncertainty spread around us. Then we were informed that the activity would be held in biology laboratory room. And from nowhere, a greeting sounded through a microphone. A lady in green mentioned that there will be a lot of activities by this fasting month. She stated date and the activities but I could not catch it well. One thing that attract my attention is the invitation of the principal (or perhaps her own idea) that in the morning all the school staff and students must perform duha pray. What a nuisance for me! why such a religious ceremonial should be done in a mass way. I believe that religious thing should come from their inner demand NOT from the force of others or superior power. Leave it alone, the agenda went to start at last.

The principal opened the agenda by saying Muslim’s greeting (sound stale to me). he did not talk much, perhaps he is too tired to talk as his mind full with the ideas how to secure his chair. I heard that this month there will be a rotation and mutation for the principal. He looked very sleepy and tired.

A man named Nana ( I heard it from the master ceremony) mentioned things that I could not catch well. Perhaps I have ear problem. He talk about white hair, then talk about success, new academic year, blablabla….

He added ‘see others’ mistake is easy but to find out own fault is difficult’. He compared the workshop as ‘gajah di pelupuk mata?” hahahaha… no he did not mean that. He said ‘start with ‘implengan’ what’s that? implengan is not a good source to create a good program. He suggested having a different evaluation in the level of regency to get good evaluation for the students. He gave an example that national examination used the same test item, it is not right, he said.

O gosh! He jumped from one idea to the other… I could not follow his speaking framework.


He compared the IQ the quality current students with the elders, he is very sure that the elders were cleverer than present students. really? I don’t think so.

He rejected national examination. He said that if there is no national examination the school-based curriculum will work. I cannot understand why he said so. This is in contradictory with the government’s plan to do evaluation on national level.


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