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What can you do with this?

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I went to school very late today.  Two students had not followed Performance Test yet because one of them was sick (I heard possessed-!?) and almost collapsed of being exhausted joining a series of test ((cinematography), art, religion, and sport)). I felt a bit uneasy as they behaved as if they wanted to avoid the test. I asked them to state the time to have the test as soon as possible; they replied ‘we do not know’… what kind of answer it is! I asked similar questions three times and they kept saying they did not know when. Actually they are at the school at the very moment.

I sat on my desk when I found out that somebody had made my desk dirty with liquid sugar. Sticky and drove me crazy. Irresponsible people are everywhere. Then I found out another irresponsible people wrote on the announcement whiteboard asking for collecting data-paper as certified teacher. You know, I did the similar thing less than a month ago. My question is ‘WHERE THOSE DATA GO? This time the data made in triple bundles that consist of copied this and that. A teacher got mad and asked to no one “why the government asks for this data again, I had just given this. Did they lost the previous one?” I said nothing, no one tried to satisfy him.

A man passed by he said,’ this time the data will go to Secondary Directorate of Education, that’s why this data is not included salary-paper”. We thought the data given last year, and the year before, and before, and before…. had become enough source of data.   A lady in pink said,’…. I get bored of collecting similar data, it seems to me like ‘the government burdens us with this and that just to make them pay our salary’.

Back to my business, the students who are doing the test look idea-dead. I asked them to put their mobile phone on the table so that they do not open google and find the answer for the test. They are asked to write on of these topics: School Uniform, Mobile Phone, Fuel Price Hike. The first student wrote like this:

School uniform High School Cianjur

Scholl uniform is something very penting which must use all student. Because it is salah satu syarat for so student in school and not only that school uniform also sebagai cerminan positive terhadap all people. This time in Cianjur many more model school uniform, example school uniform in high school 2 Cianjur which have aturan difficult antara ladies and boy students.

 This time school uniform must memakai jilbab for ladies student and my opininion that very good because it can menutup aurat. But it also can make ladies student feel canggung terhadap aturan itu because many from they non Islamic. But for me it make happy because ot make we muslimah and looking beautiful. So for all high school in Cinajur must memakai jilbab for ladies student agar looking Islamic and beautiful.

The second wrote:


Handphone is communication modern this time. Handphone after di berbagai kalangan from start menengnah ke bawah sampai kalangan atas, not only that hand phone also have function salah satunya for mempererat silaturahmi. Hand phone is alat modern make all people feel froud, because hand phone it. this time the children after memakai hand phone for looking ketinggalan zaman.

 My opinion hand phone very penting this time, because can many people to success example business, etc, hand phone cant make people clever form year’s by year’s hand phone semakin maju and canggih for all people must have hand phone because it will easy we for communication. minimal hand phone not mahal.

The underlined word, phrase or sentence is in Bahasa Indonesia. Can you help me? What can and should  I do with these texts?


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