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My Indonesia’s Future Job

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Do you believe in a man who claims that he can send energy, power, cure and other magical thing from a distance? I don’t!

In Indonesia’s vocabulary having ‘power’ to heal using his/her own capability through the strength of pray or his/her claim on his/her closeness to God is quite acceptable.  You will find a situation when suddenly you meet a man who can read your ‘life and future’, saying this and that, and you just node. Nodding as signal that what that man said is true or it is just a say for you to show respect and try not to hurt other by not showing your real feeling, ambiguous here.

There is a kind of job that you will not find and you can not able to apply to. This job is ‘a healer and a future reader’.  Sometimes these two jobs immerse in one man. The man usually claim that he can heal (using his own way) and he also can ‘read’ what is good for you, what may happen to you, and what you must do to make your life better or least take a distance from your problem.

Actually, you can make yourself and claim yourself a healer easily. Spread a gossip in a quite distance from the place where you live to make people believe that you can heal. Is it difficult? No. what you need is only a man. Train the chosen man to tell story about you, about your magical power in healing others. Getting a client for this kind of healer, your advertisement is only mouth. Mouth to mouth the story will spread. And it is easy to mount. Most Indonesian still believe in superstitious and fairy tales. When one narrates an unbelievable thing, he will be asked to tell more.  Then, he become the spot, all eyes are on him. He, then, makes up story to make his narrative more exciting. Fact and created fact mix up and create a perfect story that make listeners believe and save the story in their mind as an additional reference to choose a man visit to heal them. Those listeners will narrate the same story to their friends, and to make the story interested, they will also add the story in their own version.

As it happened a few years ago. A boy was led to be believed that he found out a magical stone that has healing power. The stone is the tooth of the thunder. How the boy got the stone never be traced or questioned. A story began when someone told that this boy with his magical stone can heal. He healed any kinds of disease by rinsing his stone into water, and if you drink the water, you will be recovered magically. Then, in less than a week, hundreds people force themselves to meet this boy. They wanted to get themselves healed by giving a chance this boy soaking his stone into the water. Suddenly a quite and almost dead village where the boy live turn into crowded and uncontrolled visitors. Mounting visitors could not wait, they wanted to be healed. A temporary ‘security man’ formed and a temporary ‘motel’ emerges. The story of the strength of the stone goes wild. The boy has to heal thousand people a day. He was not able to neither go to school nor play as a normal child. He was put in an adult arm and let the boy rinse his stone to every open jar with water in it. The boy said nothing, just rinse his magical stone to the water. I believe this is fun for the boy. He who was used to alone, suddenly become the main character that is chased everywhere he goes. Or he thinks that these adults are insane as they force him to play with his stone but they believe he can heal them. He himself never makes any statement about his magical stone. Others titled him had a magical stone. No one asked his opinion.

The story of the magical stone spreads in national level. People flew to meet this boy.  The security man got confused and exhausted. They had no strategic way to handle the flow of people who believe the boy to be their healer. Then, two lives gone. The next day,  another life also gone. The victims died because they were stepped by thousands feet when the owner tried to make steps to get close to the boy. The medical department seems not to care. The geologist did not try to make a study on the stone. What the stone is made of and consist of so that it can heal all kind of disease as the believer think.  They consider this a phenomena and source for news. I feel sorry for the boy and also the people who let themselves as the clients of this boy. What they have in their mind, no one knows. Why they do not do to doctor who study disease scientifically. Or they wait for a miracle. They are tired with scientific thing, or they are tired with hospital that they cannot pay for its service.


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