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Today is my first time in my life to read a poem with fifty eyes focus on me. A thrilled experienced since I almost never let myself be poetic or enjoy any poetical work of art. I consider poems are bizarre language and consume time to digest it. I don’t like poems. My Literature-lecturer could catch my nervousness, he even knew that I take a distance and try to hide myself so that I am safe from my duty to read the poem.

                One by one my friends deliver their chosen-poem. My lecturer tried to make us get familiar with the art of work by giving us very critical questions as follow.

–          Why do you choose this?

–          Locate certain sentence(s) that attract you most.

–          Could you give me comment on this?

–          After you read it, rewrite it, is there any changes on your understanding on it?

–          Was it getting stronger on understanding it?

–          What message (amongst messages) that seem very eye catching so that you want to share it with the class.

–          How different does the respond of our soul to Indonesian poem and English one?

Here is a short poem by Sapardi Djoko Darmono (1989) that is delivered by Jo.


Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhna:

Dengan kata yang tak sempat tak terucapkan

Kayu dengan api yang menjadikannya abu

Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana:

Dengan isyarat yang tak sempat disampaikan

Awan kepada yang menjadikannya tiada

My lecturer said that he knew in person with the poet. He even asked the poet how wood and fire without meeting but become ash. He said that in this poem depicted that ‘you are created for me, I am for you. You and I be together and shall be together”. He asked us, “is there any suggestion that the poem said like what I mention earlier?” We agreed that what he mentioned is true. He added that the social practices now cause ungkapan pada cinta menjadi miskin. As a fact, in the past, we felt the shiver even we only saw the roof. Because we knew under that roof the person we love is living. But now, if the lover does not close and can be physically touched is not enough.

                Two of my friends presented poems by WS Rendra. Rendra has a very different way in delivering his ideas. He uses very explicit words. He was very brave in picking the vocabularies that make the reader surprised or shocked for he is very open. When he does critiquing, he really critiques what to be critique using very clear words.

                Kahlil Gibran made an amazing poem. The stanzas talked more than what they were written there. I think this man has a very deep understanding on life and love.

                I selected a poem from a person who is not popular I guess. The poem goes as follow.

JEJAK DI TANGGA by Hasan Aspahani


Melintas di halamanmu, aku

dipaksa menoleh selintas

oleh jerit suara sepi itu.


Baru saja usai hujan, rupanya

di rumput masih teramat jelas basahnya

menembus telapak kakiku

mengalirkan gigil hingga ke bibir

dan memaksa menyebutnya sebagai dingin yang kekal.


Kabut tiba-tiba saja turun, dan

mengurai di sela-sela

dindingmu yang angkuh


Sudah berapa lamakah

musim ini memenjarakanu,

wahai rumah yang

selalu menutup pintu?


Ada jejak membekas di tangga itu:

tamu terakhir yang kau usir

dari hatimu.



I felt like my lecturer is waiting for my courage to arise and see me stand to read a poem. He said that he wanted everyone to raise their hands and no one read the poem next week. As he said so, I raised my hand. And I must responsible for that. I walk hesitantly and started to read. Many words missed, I hate that. The crazy thing that I don’t like is that everyone like to put all their attention on my reading, the class is very silent, uh….. and finally I finish reading.


My lecturer asked me “why do you choose that?” Without my notice my tongue makes a reason. I said frankly, “I chose it as it is the shortest poem I found in the book .” My friends laughed at my reason. My lectures gave me another question, “What do you think about it?”

I did not understand, suddenly my tongue is very elastic and burst many words. I could elaborate the poem. My lecturer praised, “Not bad, for a person who claimed herself doesn’t like poem.”

 My lecturer ended the lesson by giving us Task 2: Next week, you must find an English poem on Love. Emily Dickenson, Frost, or any names that you can pick. I feel very nervous as I know none from those. Then I should consult Google!


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