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Theme-Based Teaching and Learning

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Presenting a task without integrating it to another task is assumed preventing children to cope with big task later.  A task to provide scaffolding children to acquire a language then is best given in line with the need of the children themselves and adjust as the children more competence.  A theme based teaching and learning is more or less providing scaffolding for children to get language learning experience in integrated way in terms of content.

        A theme based teaching and learning is started by planning a theme. Planning a theme is the easiest part. You can ask even children to decide what topic or theme. A theme alone has no use. What makes it beneficial for children and teacher is that when skilled-handed teacher choose what activities following that theme. Let’s take WATER as the theme. Teacher may apply any philosophical and pedagogical theory to make this theme useful for children to acquire new knowledge.  It should be kept in mind, a theme based teaching and learning is conducted only by one teacher. The teaching material is not separated into different subject and presented by different teacher. It infers that the activity will burden the teacher. However, skill-handed and creative teacher can handle this wisely.

      Further, teacher make web-word to make the theme applicable.   Water as theme can be connected to activity such hand-washing. Children learn command sentence and procedure through hand washing.      It also can boost the affective part, put in the web saving water or using water wisely. There are many activities that can relate to affective to introduce children to communal and social live such as never throw rubbish into the river. It is common view for some Indonesian to put their  rubbish away into the water’s bank. Cognitively, the water as theme can be used to introduce concept of shape, number,  size,  and color. The children can play with water color to learn how color change when another color add. They also can see how water change shape and size as it is poured into different storage place. Number may be introduced by using water as the theme. Calculating water that is put into the glass can be fun activity for children.

      To involve the children in physical activity or psychomotoric, put in the web an activity such as walk on the wet floor, jump into shallow water (30-50 cm in depth). Try to give simple command in English. Meanwhile, the social and emotional side of the children can be given the activity such as giving and asking to share watery toys.


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