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Metapragmatic Awareness

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We studied about Metapragmatic Awareness. The lesson started by asking what ‘meta’ means. I did not know what it meant. Meta=beyond. Pragmatics is a study of language in use. Metapragmatic can be defined study a language in use and try to elaborate it, just like explain how language in use and how it works.

My friends who become the presenter and share their understanding on Metapragmatics started the explanation by making a game. My Professor said it was because they were affected with their job as course teacher who must deliver teaching fun and joyful. I did not know,whether his statement categorized into compliment or critique.

My row was represented by E, we got 100, oh..the least mark, but it is okay.

He began delivering Metapragmatic awareness taken from Geundy chapter 7 by giving some ‘weird” terms fhe first is Metapragmatic description, it is a category which includes both performative verbs and speech act description. (2) self-referential expressions such as this argument, my talk, anf these perspectives. (3) discourse markers or pragmatic particles such as anyway, undoubtly, and you know. (4) sentence adverbs such as frankly, regretablly, and obviously. these sentence adverbs has a higher level function, and indicate propositional attitude. (5) hedges, such as sort of, in a sense, and so far as I know. (6) explicit intertextual links such as  namely, for example and similarly. (7) quoted and reported speech. (8) mention, an occurrence of an item with overt metalinguistic marking. (8) evidentials, which mark the source/reliability of an utterance such as “ I suppose”. (9) contextualization cues, including control items such as right, okay, so.

There is implicit and explicit metalinguistic phenomena. Vershuren lists: (1) deictics, (I lost my concentration here… I learn how to download video from youtube in which later my Profesor got angry because of this. He talk about ‘totality’ when doing something. he did not like if we studying and surfing at the same time. he wanted us to focus on studying, and surfing at home.

He continued the explanation to Metapargmatic marking in the real world. To give evidence (1)speech event description, (2) speech act descriptions, (3) logical encoding, Metalinguistic awareness in talk.

intonation is important in metalinguistic awareness. different intonation gives different meaning.

the class over and my stomach cries for lunch. But I cannot kill my hunger quickly, I must go to shop copier to pay my unpaid books.



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