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We are in the classroom

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We are 25 students who are legally printed on the list. But when you enter my classroom, there are 38 students who study. This is a kind of weird student sum. Where are they from? How can they join the lecture? I cannot explain  it well. I also do not really care where they are from and why they sit in my classroom.

Today we study about EFFECTIVE TEACHING. The first presenter accompanied by power point slide talk long about effective teaching. She argues that there are four factors that may influence effective teaching (1) Institution, (2) Teacher, (3) Teaching Process, and (4) Learning process. I missed what the presenter elaborate on institution, she mentions (1) quality assurance mechanism, (2) mission, and (sound curriculum.

Teacher can provide an effective teaching if she has for main competencies, (1) pedagogical, (2) Personality, (3) Professional, (4) Social. I guess I heard about these once  before. I realized it when the pointer goes to PP no. 19 Year 2005, then my mind goes back to that year, unluckily I had forgotten all the elements that attached to those competencies.

an effective learning process must rely on the understanding of the student on the course. What students views on learning. Knowing their own learning styles (visual, auditory, kinestetics, group, individual, reflective and impulsive). another important factor is “support”.

I did not fully attention to the explanation. I feel my body so aching everywhere.

then the second presenter presents her understanding on Instructional Material.

SHe began with delivering role of material as (1) a resource for presentation, (2) a source of activities, (3) a reference source, (4) key component, (5) have a hidden curriculum –> I did not understand this part, but i did not try to find out any information related to this, I am not a good student then.

there are three types of teaching materials (1) authentic material, (2) teacher-developed material, (3)commercial produced material.

Actually there is another presenter, he talks about Curriculum Evaluation. I had lost all my concentration, my body cannot bear my tiredness.



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