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Another unwelcomed day

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Do you remember Lela? I feel being betrayed and fooled by her. Let me explain why I accused her betrayal.

This morning I charged my mobile phone as last night I did not recharge it. I felt too tired after doing my journey from Bandung-Cianjur by economic class bus. The journey was suck. The bus was crowded, stink, slow, and other negatives things that I could not write here.

To cut the story short, I asked Miracle to recharge my cell phone this morning. As it comes alive, I saw 3 miscalls and 4 texts. It was at 9 this morning; I did not really care my mobile phone since I provide myself on holiday mode. I checked the miscalls one of them was from “pregnant Mitha”. I named the sender ‘pregnant Mitha’ as I did not know how to respond to texts I got from unidentified sender at that time.

The story on Pregnant Mitha (PM) actually it was forgotten by me as I feel it is no use for me. It happened around a half year ago, I cannot remember the exact time when I got my first text from PM. The first text was “Ms, help, I really need your help, I have a big problem”. I thought it was sent by my students. My mind directly told me that only my students who call me “Ms”. So I concluded that my student needed my help and urgent. Then I replied “what problem, and how can I help you?”

Through intense back and forth texts between mine and PM (at that time I did not even know the name of the sender, I just had a clue ‘the sender was my student”) she confessed that she was pregnant and she said that she was from third grade. So my clue matched as I only teach third grade in my school. I asked “what is your name?’ she replied “Mitha”. I stunned, I had no student whose name is Mitha. I confirmed “are you Dini Paramitha?’ she responded “no”.

I continued “what class are you in?”

“third grade”

“which class?”


“you mean MAN Cianjur?”

“NO, MAN Pacet”

o..shit… (my heart stopped)

‘how can you get my number and call me Ms?’

‘I do not know, your number is there, and I think you are very nice teacher, even though you do not know me, you try to offer me solution for my problem’

‘well, considering your subtle problem, I think it is better for you to see me, ask the boy who caused you pregnant to come along. I cannot help if you through texts’

A day went by. I got no news from PM. I asked my husband’s opinion about a teenage girl who got pregnant and I invited her to come to my house.

Few days later I got a text again from PM saying that her boyfriend seems to avoiding her and run from the responsibility. She wrote in her text ‘he is not easy to meet, she does not even know where he is right now.’

I texted her ‘perhaps he deceits you and abandon you. What is your plan next? Will you come to my house then?”

She replied, “I do not know, and I thank you for inviting me to your house, but I cannot come”.


A Week later I did not get any texts from her, and it did not bother me. I continued my life and got busy with my own business.

Suddenly my gadget rang, a text entered. It was (again) from unidentified number. It said “Ibu, maybe this is the destiny of our child, Mitha. We had done abortion. Thank you for helping my daughter. Then it was written a family name, but I forgot what it was.”

I did not react to that text as I thought any decision made by Mitha’s parents is beyond my power. I live my life as usual after that. I concluded that Mitha is taken care by her own parents, period.

Around two months after that, an unidentified number sent me a text. It confessed it was from Mitha’s boyfriend asking whether I knew Mitha where about. I did not reply it. In my opinion, if I answer that text it means that I put myself into a trouble, so I decided not to respond that text.

This morning, as I recharge my gadget and I found out there was a miscall from Lela, I am afraid that she called me for something important. Then, I sent her a text to the number appeared on my miscall: “Hi, sorry, my cell phone off last night, you called at 9.18. Are you okay?”

I waited for Lela’s reply. Not long my cell phone rang. A text came into my inbox. I opened it but I felt very surprised, I summon up my courage to open it. It was from PM, it was written on the sender row!!! The text said, ”muhun Ibu, tadi wengi ngecek no na aktif atanapi hnt, kmh ibu ayn dmn?”

I felt a bit confused. How Lela can use PM number, or.. they are the same person?????????

Then I reply using PM numbers, “Ibu di Bandung, kmh kabar terakhir, kuliah teu?”

Then a reply from Lela came using her own number and name LELA pop up on my screenwih….sibuk?? kbar pangakatan n artos nu 50 jt jmpling.kbr aa orng cimahi aktif d KONI sukabmi tp untk mnkh la siap tpi ay tpian bu.

I astonished. She fooled me by confessing her name Mitha. What she wanted by doing so?

I tried to think what she is looking for by lying to me and make up a story as a pregnant MAN student.

Then I sent her a text,” I am not busy, but I try to live a normal life, avoiding lie and try to be honest to anyone.”

She reply “wih…keren”

What do you think about a person like this?

She bought new cell phone’s number and contacted me on other’s name. then she forgot that I still save that number. she does not think that I will still have her alias. She caught in the act. She stumbled on her trap.

What do you I must do?

I can say that she is insane.

Or she was trying to tell me that she is pregnant. Again??????


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