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18:34-after taking a bath and pray magrib, waiting for my stomach a bit comfortable before eating noodle I bought from cross road when I went home from my campus.

Today I went to campus earlier to make myself cross the busy road easier. I always feel scared to cross the road as the road is always busy.

When I arrived the campus is almost empty and still dark. I walked through the corridor to my Prodi, to get some brochure to be given to PKn’s teacher who wants to continue his study to UPI. I got the brochure, the last one, but I did not get the information I need to inform him related to questions posted for me three days earlier.

I took the attendant list, but it was not there. I did not know why the list was not there. What I remember is that the cover is yellow. I opened all yellow covered lists, but it wasn’t found. I asked Erfan whether he knew where the list was, he admitted he did not know where it’s about. So I made a temporary list. My worst plan ‘I plan to make a new one if the previous one lost. Actually it is not my responsibility to do so, but I take a short cut to make the class goes smoothly.

I got the Entry 1 about Research Topic on 7 methods returned, I got B-. No mistakes found on my work but the mark is B-. I saw that some others got A- as they put looooooong sentences. I made a temporal conclusion that I must put long sentences too and thick paper to get A for Research Project.

Pa Yoyo continued the lecture to the Instruments and Variables. He explained that the Instrument for the Introspection study is Think Aloud Protocol NOT interview. Astri again and again asked me if she may ask why interview can not be used for Introspection study. I said Astri ‘you cannot use interview as Pa Yoyo said so” , Astri laughed.

He gave the example for the Introspection study “students are given a text”. You can categorize the students into good readers and bad readers. Then, when the students read the text they find some problem in understanding the text. They will take action to solve their problem, some of which are: leave out the words, guess the meaning from the context, or open the dictionary. The unseen behavior of the students is dug by the researcher. Why you open the dictionaryà askingà to know what occur in Ss’ mind. The instrument that can be used are DIARY, NOTEBOOK, RECORDING then put them into written form to be reported.

He continued to Non-Participant study. Pa Yoyo gave an example “classroom observation” to see the real activity occurs in the class. The researcher from ‘outside’ observes to evaluate what happens in the class. recording the students-teacher talk, gestures. The instrument is classroom observation format.

In Participant Study, the researcher takes part in the activity as if one of the Ss’ friends, then collect the data. The data can be gathered such as: language use in by Kindergarten Ss, take note language spoken by Ss, record using videotape and transcribe them into written form.

Suddenly ‘an elder’ shared her confusion on Think Aloud Protocol and Introspection Study. I could not catch what she meant but I did not care. Pa Yoyo jumped into Variables. I did not follow his initial explanations about variables as I went out to ask the ‘in-focus’ man to turn it on.

What I know that variable are many, such as dependent, independent, intervening. I remember those three variables as I read in my daughter’s bilingual book where they were translated into wrong term. Intervening variable in Bahasa is mengganggu, so it is literary translated into disturbance variable. I can not say anything as the book was licensed to be used in RSBI’s school, I cannot agree more. There another variable: control, construct, and moderator variable. I could not differentiate each of them as Pa Yoyo jumped from one topic to another and I could not catch what he said. the class is very noisy but my lecture did not care, he continue talking. He said “next meeting, you must pick three topics as your proposal topic for your thesis”. We sighed……….

Then I walked to 5th floor to find room for EFYL lecture, I remember that I had sent wrong text to my lecture. I sent him text to revise my mistake, but it was funny. As the text sent, my lecture had stood in front of me. He complained, ’you sent wrong information’. I replied, ‘yes, my mistake, but the revision text is on your gadget now. He did not care, he entered the room.

He explained many things related to the philosophical view towards how language acquisition happens in infants. Started by the experiment was done by Piaget to his three children. The lecture went so looooooooooooong. We were all hungry and sleepy. I fought the sleppiness by typing any words he said on Power Point. I did not care whether it is important or not, I just type. And tomorrow I will meet him again at 7. He decided to make make-up class since he missed the class in three times. So all March we will meet him twice a week…………..uh.

The class was over almost at 13.oo. we hurriedly went to canteen to stop the hunger.

Then Feni, Ani and I joined Mauludan activity held by FKM in auditorium room. We were late, but luckily there were not many people come. The agenda was so boring. When I entered the room, a boy was reading Holly Qur’an sat on the chair and on his right was a girl wears the similar color of cloth standing behind the podium, ready to read the translation. Then the translation went. The MC said that we must stand up. It was a bit weird why we must stand up. We stood up, and he started sing ‘shalawat’, we joined the singing.

A man with ‘cleft’ come to the stage, he is the man who will preach on Maulud. Feni thought that the preaching was not fruitful so she slept quietly.

At the end, Pa Hanafi asked a question. I did not understand what he asked, however, the man gave long answer to his question.

The day was not over yet. I went to F.A to check the book. I still need to pay another 100.000 IDR for the book. The copier-man did not copy the last order, but I said it was okay. I got confused managing the copied-books.

I accompany Feni to visit C’s class student to copy some Longman e-book and I copy some too. It took very long and I decide to stop copying. We decided to visit Wahyu as her rent room is located on our way home. Wahyu has just arrived home when we yelled our greeting.

We laughed for our stupidity in the maulud agenda. Then we left Wahyu as the time shows almost five.


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