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What are you going to do when you have fifteen days and you have seven home-works to finish? We-Indonesian know and name assignments or tasks given by our teachers as homework. This can be accepted and understood well by Indonesian since the tasks are done at home. There are two kinds of task that can be carried out at home-individual task and structured individual task. The first refers to the assignment that should be done by students and the time to submit the task is defined by teacher. Whereas the second means that the work must be done by learners and they themselves who decided when the work will be submitted. It does not mean that the students do not have limit of time collecting the work, but they may choose the time appropriate to collect the work.

There are many advantages of having homework. A carefully planed and sequenced homework given by teacher will help students to explore the teaching material without time limitation. School offers time to learn based on static schedule. When time is up and teacher says ‘class dismiss’ so the joy of learning a certain lesson must be stopped.  Homework will allow students to study and learn more about the material which still hang unfinished in the classroom.  They can ask their parents to guide them. They also may visit an expert to peel all covered and hidden explanation which are not printed on the textbook.

Besides, students can study based on their learning type at home. The students who are audio learners can easily study accompanied by music on their ears. They can study the way they like. At school they must behave and sit neatly. On the contrary they may study the way home accept them. Study at home usually no tension around. Parents feel happy to see their children flip through books’ pages. Yelling and calling cease if their children are busy with papers.

For low achiever or slow learners, homework helps to revise the lesson. Read and study at home make a learner possible to learn slowly and gain the material understanding more fully.

On the other hand, teacher must calculate the time used by students to finish their homework. Time consuming homework causes students to leave the task. They consider the homework make them suffer longer after hard time at the class. If teacher has 90 minutes to teach face to face at the class, the homework must not have more than 60 minutes to finish. This to avoid students feel bored learning material they have already had at the class.

Too difficult assignment will also discourage students. For some reasons students may decide cheating to finish unsolved difficult homework. Students will do unreasonable thing to impress their teacher. Submitting finish task is a story of keeping dignity for some students.

Feedback from teacher is very important to improve students awareness of mistake. Teachers who are neglecting homework and does not read students’ homework will cause students reluctant to do the coming homework. They will think that their sacrifice mean for nothing.


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