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Yesterday I taught my students as usual. It was DISCUSSION text. oh.. I forgot, I did not teach grammar very often anymore in my class. Other teachers do not either. I mean teaching tenses is not the only teacher’s focus lately. As the Grammar Translation Method has blended with other methods and the syllabus changes, so the teaching material also change. The material to teach is called GENRE (kind of texts). It focuses on understanding kinds of text. It is very different with the material that I got from my teacher years ago.

There is what so called ‘mastery learning’ now. It means that students are not allowed to continue to the next material before they master the preceding and the subject which is given at that moment.   SMA’s material is a continuation from SMP. It works for English lesson. I guess other lesson apply the same thing.

The SMP’s teaching material that is repeated in SMA covered: PROCEDURE, RECOUNT, DESCRIPTION, ANNECDOTE, and NARRATIVE. Students are demanded to be analytical readers who can understand what the text says. They can get what the social function or purpose of a text. As every piece of writing is accompanied by their purpose, so that, students as analytical readers must be able to classify them according to their kind of writing and subject matter. In the literary works students will meet some kind of work like poem, play script, novel, short story, and many more. Then, the students will acquaintance with at least eight forms of text. First of all, Procedural text where it shows the steps of how to make something. Secondly, Analytical and Hortatory Exposition will show how the writer put a position towards an issue. The third is a Discussion text; it is a writing that elaborates an issue from two points of view. They are pros or for and cons or against the issue being discussed. Fourth is Explanation text, it explains the process of natural, social, and cultural occurred. Fifth, Review text, it talks about summarizing, analyzed, responding to art work, critiquing an art work or event for public audience. Sixth, Spoof or Anecdote that can entertain reader likes Narrative. And the last, Recount is the text that retells the experience.

Let’s see the DISCUSSION text. What it looks like. Discussion text is a text that sees an issue from two different points of view.  Let’s take ABORTION as our issue. As Discussion will see Abortion from two sides, so the text will talk the positive and negative thing related to Abortion.

For some Indonesian, when the word abortion heard, they will directly say that it is morally unjustified. In Discussion text, both pros and cons arguments are presented. We will agree that abortion is one of ways to control population from explosion.  Take for example if a country has explosion population, the government must find method to solve this. As contraception is not guarantee 100% safe and success, then abortion is one of the answers.

On the other hand, when abortion is done; women health is in risk of its effects. Take inflammation, irregular menstruation pattern, infertility, and myome. So we can say that abortion will always become dilemma in our country for those reasons mentioned.


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