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In the era of Saddam Hussein fell his power, many children live in poverty including Agrin. Agrin is a young beautiful teenager who should live in endless grief and lost her beautiful teens time. She was raped by the soldiers who burnt her village and killed her parents. She continued her life with her armless brother. The condition is getting worst when Agrin got pregnant and had a baby boy she should feed.
As the village where she used to live burn down and nothing could support her to live there. Agrin, her brother and the toddler became refugees. They earn money from taking mines. A risky job but there was no other choice.
One day when she was looking for a rope she met a young boy named Satelite. And Satelite fell in love with her. Agrin took this as delicate matter as she considered herself a garbage as s he no longer virgin.
Satelite is a boy who has a position in his village. He led the children in the village to clean the farmland from mines. He sold the mines and by doing so he could give lives for all the orphans around his village.
His meeting with Agrin meant something to him. He felt that Agrin who has unlucky life as his is someone who he is looking for to fill his empty life.
Meanwhile, Agrin grew her hatred to her child. She did not know how to live her hard life with his son. She planned to kill herself many times, but she failed since the boy magically like calling her name. Agrin asked his brother to leave the village. But the announcement from the government said that everything would stop tomorrow.
At night Agrin took the child outside. She took him to the lake where Sastelie his proclaimed his love to her. She took the child by the lake, tied on end to his leg and the other side to a big rock. She throw the rock and the child drawn.
And American soldiers came. There was no change.


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