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How Do I Get to Surgical Ward, Miss?

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Mrs. Jenny is looking for Surgical ward in Elizabeth hospital, then she asks to the Information Center
Mrs. Jenny    : Excuse me, Miss?
IC        : Yes, can I help you Mom?
Mrs. J        : I wonder whether you can help me?
IC        : I hope I can help you.
Mrs. J        : Could you tell me how can I get to surgical ward in this hospital?
IC        : Of course, I can, surgical ward is in the third corridor
Mrs. J        : In the third corridor? But, where the third corridor is?
IC    : From here you just turn left, then you will find an intersection on corridor six and you can turn left and go straight on, when you find another intersection, you just pass it; and then you go through until next intersection. The surgical ward is in front of obstetric clinic.
Mrs. J        : Thank you, Miss.
IC        : Don’t mention it.

New Vocabulary
Turn left = belok kiri
Turn right = belok kanan
Straight = lurus        go straight ahead = kamu jalan lurus
Intersection = perempatan
Three junction = pertigaan
Go up/ down = naik /turun
Path = jalan setapak
Alley = gang / jalan kecil
Short cut = jalan pintas
Main road = jalan utama
Freeway = jalan bebas hambatan
Get on = naik                 I get on angkot 5b to go home
Get off = turun           I get off in Jalan Siliwangi in front of PDAM building
Dormitory/ boarding house = asrama
Round about = putaran


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