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I wrote supercalighraphylisticexplialidious on the white board. My students tried to pronounce that word, and failed. I said to my students ” I am very cruel today, as in the  next meeting when I take the roll, when your name called, you must respond by saying this word, if you don’t say this word, I consider you absent.”  My students opened their mouth. I continued ” but I am also a kindhearted teacher today, I will help you to pronounce this word correctly in less than 2 minutes”. My students got very surprised with my last statement.

I asked my students to start  pronounce the word by chunking (saying from the last part, each syllable). And …they succeeded saying the word.

I said ” your homework today, find one person for you to be taught saying that word, and record the voice of the person you taught with your mobile phone, and you write your experience today in a sheet of paper, collect it in the next meeting.”

My students’ lips moved all the time, murmuring the word.

It was very fun


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