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Fight for marriage

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Once I watched Opray Winfrey talkshow. She invited couples who had financial problem in their marriage and they were about to end the sacred oath.

In the real life of the ordinary people like us, financial peoblem is not the only thing that may cause a spouse to leave marriage Whatever the cause that makes marriage come to an end, we need to fight first before we really end it.

There are many things to consider before we decide to live separately.

  1. Remember the time when we made the promise that we will live together for better or worse. When you are in the ‘worst’ condition, it doesn’t mean that you can just  leave your marriage.
  2. Marriage involve two hearts, and when you have children, it mean you have more than two hearts that involve in your marriage. When you decide to leave your spouse, think twice about your children.
  3. Your spouse has helped you to make ‘what you look like today’. If your spouse leave you, you need to start to teach yourself again to be new you.
  4. Communicate all your feelings with your spouse, if you communicate what you feel, your spouse will understand what to do or what to say.
  5. See your spouse from a different angle.
  6. Let yourself learn that you are not always perfect person.

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