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It was rainy afternoon Saturday. We watched the rain falling as our house stand apart from our neighbors. Suddenly a big wind hit the window’s glass. My daughter screamed for the drop of the rain come into the house as the top windows have no glass. My son said. “Mum look the rain falls in 45 degree from the south. This area not even touch by the drizzle of the rain.

Not long after that, the direction of the wind turn. It hit from the west, very very big, all the paper that put neatly on the desk flew, scattered everywhere. My mother who stayed inside her bedroom said, ‘the wind is very big, it makes the room wet.”

I stepped to the second floor, I saw garbages flew in the sky. The wind is black and run fast, make a spiral. Without my notice the hurrican had happen, and it blew my neighbor’s roof. it also struck the rice field.

I stepped down and gathered with my neighbor. They talked about the damaged in our nearest village.

The next morning, Bupati (the chief of the Regency) came and visited the site. I thought the damage should be very serious and severe if  a Bupati came in person to a village.


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