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Packaged sterile gloves


  1. Wash and dry your hands
  2. Open glove wrapper, keeping both package and gloves sterile. Open wrapper from the middle of the package outward.
  3. with your non dominant hand, remove the first glove by grasping the section that has a folded edge. Lift the glove up and away from the wrapper. Be careful not to touch the inside of the package or any part of the glove except the inner surface of the cuff.
  4. slip your dominant hand into the glove opening. gently pull the glove with your non dominant hand, touching only the folded-up cuff. Rationale: Don’t worry if you have difficulty easing your fingers all the way into the glove. After you have placed both gloves on your hands, you can move your fingers into place.
  5. With your dominant, gloved hand, remove the other glove from the package, making sure you touch only the inside of the folded cuff. Lift this glove up and away from the wrapper.
  6. Place your ungloved fingers into the new glove opening. GEntly pull the glove over your hand as before.
  7. Adjust both gloves, remembering to touch sterile surfaces with sterile surfaces.
  8. Keep both sterile gloves in front of you above your waist level. Rationale: When you can see gloves at all times, you can prevent contamination

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