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There are 3 kinds of medicine usually given to the patients they are pill or tablet, capsule and liquid such as syrup. In this meeting we dicsus only about administering pill or tablet.


Medication: tablet, capsule, or liquid

Water (none if liquid preparation), juice, or milk (if not contraindicated by drug absorption) to prevent gastric irritation

Mortar and pestle for crushing pills (if needed)

Drug card, medication sheet, drug kardex

Drug cart, if unit does system is used


  1. Take medication tray or cart to patient’s room; check room number against medication card or sheet
  2. Place patient in sitting position, if not contraindicated by his condition
  3. Check the patient’s identaband and ask patient’s to state name so that you are sure you have correctly identified him
  4. Tell the patient what type of medication you are going to give and explain the actions this medication will produce
  5. If prepackaged medication is used, read label, take the medication out of package, and put into medication cup
  6. Give the medication cup to the patients
  7. Offer a fresh glass of water, or other liquid, to aid swallowing and give assistance with taking medication
  8. Make sure the patient swallows the medications
  9. Discard used medicine cup
  10. Record the medication on the appropriate forms


Tablets and capsules are given with water to prevent antagonism of chemical properties of the drug

Cough syrups and antacids are not followed by water because they dilute the topical effect

Crushed pills or liquids may be mixed with a small quantity of blend food, if not contaminated by the patient’s diet.


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