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Outbond helps kids to know where rice from

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I accompanied my son following one of his Kindergarten’s closing semester activities. His teacher said that all the students will be taken to a farm area and they will have some fun.

We left at 7.00 in the morning. We were welcomed by men with yellow uniform. They explained what to do and how. The kids are separated based on the age. My son goes to A1 means he is in group of 5 year. The activities starts. The guide asks the kids to sing with some gestures to follow. It is a friendly way to do warming up before the kids do some muscle activities.

After it is done, they are taken to the rice field area. The traditional farming method is introduced to the kids. The buffalo carries the kids. In this activity we can see the courage of the kids to face the fear of letting themselves carried by a small wood tied to the buffalo’s neck. Some of the kids stand still, some others ignore the safety, they just jump.

Then the yellow uniformed man takes the kids to the rice plantation area. He handed some rice plants to plant. The kids walks happily on the mud and try to plant the rice on the right track.

The outbond that its activity grounded on planting rice offer fruitful experience for kids. They know how to start cultivating the land, even in their sense, at least they see how to cultivate the land with the help of buffalo. they also experience the feeling of holding rice plant and touch the wet mud with their clean hands.

The activity will give more advantage if they also offer activities to join by parents. They do not let the parents just a spectators and do nothing.


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