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Instilling Eye Drops

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Good afternoon.

I am a student nurse, my name is…………. And I’m going to present how to instilling eye drops.

The equipment needs to do this is the eye drops and cotton ball or tissue.

The procedure goes:

First, I place the medication on tray if not using medication cart.

Then I take the medication to the patient’s room, and check the number against medications cards or sheet.

After that I check the patient’s identaband and ask patient to state name. Excuse me, I’m a student nurse. What’s your name Sir/Mom?

Then, I wash my hands

I explain the procedure to the patient.

Then I tilt the patient’s head slightly backward and ask him/her to look up.

I squeeze the prescribed amount of medication into eye dropper. I hold dropper with bulb in uppermost position.

Give tissue to patient for wiping off excess medication.

Then expose lower conjunctival sac by pulling down on cheek

Drop prescribed medication into center of sac

Ask patient to close eyelids and move eyes

Remove the excess medication from surrounding tissue

And I wash my hands

Finally I replace medication in appropriate place

That’s all. Thank you


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