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Berikut ini materi Using Bedpan and Urinal

Good afternoon, I am a student nurse, my name is ……………………., and I will explain the procedure of Using Bedpan and Urinal.

The equipment I need : Bedpan or Urinal, Toilet tissues and Absorbent pad (if needed)

The procedure goes like this:

First, I wash my hands

Secondly, I obtain bedpan or urinal

Then I provide the privacy

After that, I elevate the head of the bed, or position of the patient on the edge of the bed or in chair.

I instruct the patient to sit on the bedpan or urinal. If the patient needs assistant to use the bedpan, I place absorbent under the hips. Then I raise the patient’s hip and slip my arm under the patient or turn the patient on his side. Roll the patient onto the pain. And I place a rolled towel or blanket under the patient’s sacrum.

I will do these procedure if the patients need assistant in using urinal. first I place the base of the urinal flat on the bed between the patient’s thighs. Then I position the patient’s pens or vaginal opening over the urinal.

After all are done and the patient has vioded, I remove the receptable and assist with wipping as necessary.

I give time for the patient to wash his/her hands.

I reposition the patient for comfort, I pull back the curtain

Finally, I measure intake and output if requested.


That’s all. thank you





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