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Berikut ini cara menyajikan prosedur Handwashing

Assalamualaikum Wr wb,

I am a student nurse, my name is ……………………………, I will explain the procedure of Handwashing.

First, the equipment that needed are: soap, orangestick, water, paper towel/towel and trash basket.

Second, the procedure is started by I stand in front of the sink. And then I clean the tap by toilet paper. after that I turn on the tap and wet the hands. I rub my hands with soap and I put the soap, after that I rub vigorously the back of my hands, my palm, between fingers, each fingers and back of the hand again.

then, I wash my hand about in 30 second. I clean my fingernail using the orangestick, and rinse my hands under water.

Finally, I dry my hands, and turn off the tap with paper towel.

That’s all thank you.


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